JPS Wants YOU!

How Can YOU

Become a Teacher with JPS?

Thank you for your interest in becoming Viking & not just any Viking,

but a –Viking-Teacher! As quoted from the original Icelandic “Bandamanna Saga” c.10:

“Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from.”

JPS understands that to mean:

“Stay teachable. Keep an open mind, and try to learn from all types of situations.”…

… including this one!

The Office of Human Resources for Jackson Public Schools is happy to partner with you as you take the lead on the journey to certification!

An extensive list of Certification Guidance Documents can is located online and can be accessed by clicking HERE

To highlight a few documents from the list:

1. Becoming a Michigan Teacher

2. Alternate Routes to Certification and Endorsements

There is information in the About Michigan Substitute Permits document on obtaining, requirements, and renewals of the available permits.

The Academic Year 2019-2020 Critical Shortage list only pertains to retirees.

MDE Professional Learning Policy: Standards for Professional Learning and other Law, Rule, Policy information can be found by clicking HERE.