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The Citgo Library supports both St. John Paul II High School (9th-12th) and Bishop Garriga Middle Preparatory School (6th-8th). Middle school students have weekly library classes and participate in the Lectio Book Award Reading Program. High School students have the flexibility of utilizing the space for research, reading, group collaboration, and down time to enjoy a puzzle or game. The librarian and teachers collaborate regularly on research and activities for how the library can support the instruction in the classroom.

Library Mission:

Assist students to develop a passion for reading, become skilled and ethical users of information and learn to examine the world through print and electronic media while developing their Christian values by encouraging them to grow as Disciples of Christ.

School Vision:

Guided by the Catholic faith, our students will excel academically, lead socially, and exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ; understanding that God has placed in the human heart a desire to know truth--in a word, to know himself--so that, by knowing and loving God, students may also come to the fullness of truth about themselves grounded in a faith community, empowered through reason, and serving in virtue.

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Ms. Terri Lindstrom, Librarian


Phone: 361-855-5744 ext. 265