Threads of Justice Collective

Supporting young children in anti-bias education by facilitating conversations and efforts for collective action against oppression.

our vision is that inclusion and justice are the core of all early childhood systems and practices.

Two key goals frame the work of the Threads of Justice Collective:

  • Bringing together representatives of communities facing specific struggles.

  • Providing education, awareness and strategies for people in dominant groups to become allies for social and economic change.

We will accomplish this work through:

  • Convening people with shared experience and interest to work together to identify and solve issues of injustice specifically in early childhood education.

  • Facilitation workshops and educational training sessions;

  • Participatory research that affirms and documents the knowledge, concerns, and struggles of the people with whom we work.

Past, Current and ongoing efforts by the Threads of Justice Collective include:

Freedom Camp – an annual educational event held on the Dr. King holiday for children and adults. We teach about the civil rights movement and help children make connections to social justice activism in their communities today.

Anti-Bias Research Project – a participatory research project involving ECE staff, interviews and self-assessment to determine the status of the implementation of anti-bias education in Oregon.

Anti-bias Support Group for Teachers -inspired by the Jan. 2015 ECE Forum hosted by TOJC, this group met monthly in the Portland area.

Annual ECE Social Justice Conference – 2016 was our first “annual” Threads of Justice Conference. Held in January for 3 years, for 2019 we partnered with ORAEYC and CCRR to co-host a Fall Conference instead.

In 2018, we supported the African American Child Care Network through facilitating a book study group of "The Genius of Black Children" by Debra Sullivan.

We have held and facilitated three sessions of our "Anti-Bias Leadership Seminar" and have another one planned for summer 2020.

We are partnering with Impact NW and the Multnomah County Library to develop an anti-bias learning modules for Early Childhood Educators.

Summer 2019 we planned and held a Summer Forum on; "Oppression as Trauma in the lives of young children".

The Fall of 2019 we were accepted as a Partner with Social Venture Partners. They are working with us to better define who are we, and our operating model for moving forward.

The Donna and Mike McDowell Scholarship Fund – TOJC created this fund in memory of 2 Board Membesr that we lost to cancer. This scholarship is designated to provide financial stipends for people from marginalized communities to attend the ECE Social Justice Conference and/or to support trainings that will increase the number of people in the Oregon Child Care Trainer’s Registry that have strong anti-bias/anti-oppression backgrounds.

Another endeavor was to launch a fund-raising effort called, “G” Growing “P” Provider “S” Skills & “S” Support. GPS (S) will be targeted to support professional development, new start-up ECE Programs, and networking for Providers who serve populations targeted by oppression in our society. We are hoping to grow this fund in the coming years with the possibility of selecting one person each year and supporting their start up costs, a mentor or coach to work with them and allies in business, licensing and professional development. However, to start out right away, our very first objective was to purchase 12 copies of the book “Cultivating the Genius of Black Children” for the African American Family Child Care Network for their study group project, facilitated by TOJC Board Memeber Hadiyah Miller.

In the summer of 2018, in collaboration with the Rockwood Center, we offered "GirlSpeak" workshop for girls age 10 -13. The "Girlspeak" curriculum is available at no cost in our "Books and Resources" section.

THREADS OF JUSTICE COLLECTIVE BOARD MEMBERS ARE: Qahira Peco Barton, Hadiyah Miller, Chrystal Proue, Lena Ko, Grace Bounds, JuJu Montero and Katie Kissinger (Grace and JuJu are not in photograph below)