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All the Colors We Are! The Story of How We Got Our Skin Color

Written by Katie Kissinger

Anti-Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom provides a useful, clearly outlined guide for implementing anti-bias and anti-oppression practices in early childhood education settings. Throughout the book, you’ll find:

  • Stories from the field
  • Strategies for keeping teaching practices in touch with growing social justice movements
  • Tasks and questions to spark your professional growth in this important area

Katie Kissinger uses her personal experience as a longtime educator to highlight both the challenges and the potential for transformative learning in the anti-bias classroom, and gives other teachers the tools they need to create classrooms that welcome all students and families.

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Free Curriculums for educational, community and/or faith-based settings.

Freedom School Curriculum kk.docx

Freedom School:

Learn about Freedom Summer in Mississippi in 1964 and how to be a freedom fighter in your family, school and community today.

Freedom School for UU's.docx

Freedom School for faith-based communities:

This is the Freedom School Curriculum written with a grant from the Unitarian Sunday School Society. It is easy to adapt for other faith communities and traditions as it is based in broadly shared religious values.

Count Her In GirlSpeak.docx


If you identify as female, this curriculum will help to find your own voice to speak up about challenges that girls and women face, learn about sisterhood, claiming your power and tell boys and men what we need from them as allies.