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Threads of Justice Collective “Annual Anti-Bias/Anti-Oppression Professional Development Menu”

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In August – Summer Forum

The Summer Forum is a half day informative session on urgent topics related to anti-bias/anti-oppression work in early education. This event also includes the formation of small groups who will continue to meet as an “inquiry to action” study group (ITAG) for a few weeks after the Forum. The Summer Forum and ITAG Study will include 6-9 professional development hours.

For more specifics and registration for this summer’s Forum contact:


ECE Social Justice Conference: October

We will be offering our annual conference Fall 2019 in partnership with the Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children and the Child Care Resource and Referral. We plan to have a Friday evening gathering and then Saturday Workshops will include 1.5 hour and 3 hour options all with a social justice/anti-bias focus.

For more specifics and registration for next Fall contact:

Winter or Early Spring

Anti-Bias Leadership Seminar

This advanced Seminar will build on the ant-bias/anti-oppression foundation by nurturing participants into leadership roles in this work. The Seminar is held as an overnight, shared dorm and meals retreat experience with group size limited to promote in-depth experience and transformation. The Seminar includes 25 hours of Professional Development.

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All sessions have been approved with Oregon Registry Training Hours.

Other recommended anti-bias/anti-oppression professional development options:

In July or August -- Justice Journey: An exploration of Anti-Bias and Social Justice in Early Education

This is an in-depth 15 hour workshop facilitated by Katie Kissinger from the Threads of Justice Collective. Designed to give a solid beginning foundation for anti-bias/anti-oppression education. For any interested care and education providers, administrators, parents or staff.

For more specifics and registration for this summer’s class contact:

workshop flyer coming soon on our website

School Presentations Anti-Bias Education.docx

Anti-bias presentations for ktg.-2nd grade students, teachers and families

Presentations by Katie Kissinger include her bestselling children's book: "All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color" and on the Four Agreements of Anti-Bias Education from her new book: "Anti-Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom: Hand in Hand, Step by Step".

Agreements for children:

  • 1. We will be safe with our bodies and our words.
  • 2. We will listen to each other.
  • 3. We will learn about and value the ways we are the same and different.
  • 4. We will work for fairness and justice in our play, in our classroom and in our communities.

Anti-bias/anti-oppression workshops for educators

We can provide a wide variety of options for educators who want to learn more about this work.

Katie Kissinger teaches an anti-bias education class offered through Portland State Universities CEED in the Graduate School of Education (see the notice for "Justice Journey" class Summer 2017 Upcoming Events). There are face to face and online versions of this course. She can also customize workshops of any length (2 hours and above) for schools, ECE Programs, or Professional Development conferences and events.

Also, the Threads of Justice Collective Justice Journey Facilitation Team (Justice Journey Consulting and Facilitation Team also offers more in-depth exploration of the implementation of the anti-bias approach. Because the Facilitators work as a pair or team, the cost for these sessions is higher. We can work with interested parties to customize the learning experience and cost. (See the notice about an anti-bias leadership Seminar coming in 2018 Upcoming Events) Contact:

Anti-Bias for Parents Workshop

A workshop for parents who care about social justice and equity

This “retreat-like” format provides a great way to get a basic foundation for anti-bias education and parenting. We will combine story-telling, goals for children, and strategies for supporting your child’s identity and learning about differences. The session is interactive with the sharing of your own stories about the messages you grew up with regarding identity in six categories: gender, skin color, culture, economic status, sexual orientation and able-ness. We will have time to explore your questions, hopes and fears regarding this important and very timely topic. Cost: $75.00 Format options vary from 10 hours over an evening and full day, or 2 hour session in the evening over the course of 6 weeks, depending on location.

Workshop facilitated by: Katie Kissinger, author, activist, Early Childhood Educator

Let’s Start Talking about Skin Color

As our Nation reels from incidents of racial bias and hatred, there is something all of us could be doing to start the important dialogue and actions for change.

From the Author of: “All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color” this workshop will support parents, teachers, adults in the lives of children with tools and activities for having comfortable conversations with children about skin color differences.

We can work together to build the foundation for racial equity and justice for the future.

Workshops for adults and/or book reading and activity sessions with children in classrooms: 30-40 minutes.

For more information email:

Anti-Bias Education for Community and Faith Groups

A workshop for community organizations or faith groups who want to gain a deeper understanding of what anti-bias education and practices looks like in your organization or group. We will take a look at current issues and terminology, places where people get stuck, and the role of allies in anti-bias/ anti-oppression work. These sessions can be a 1-2 hour overview workshop or a longer "retreat-like" format to include more participant sharing, story-telling and planning for implementation.

Contact: katiek@journeytoward