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Supporting young children in anti-bias education is more critical than it has ever been. Journey Toward Justice is a combination of efforts that include a group of Consultants, Activists and Trainers as well as a small non-profit organization that facilitates conversations and efforts for collective action against oppression.

Book your stop on the Journey Toward Justice Tour! Katie Kissinger will be on the road in 2017-2018 offering workshops for educators and community members using her newly published book, "Anti-bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom: Hand in Hand; Step by Step." Click here for more details and book your stop by emailing today!

Freedom Camp 2017 was a huge success again this Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Check out our front page article in The Oregonian! Registration for Freedom Camp 2018 will now be online right here on the website. Freedom Camp


FC is at: Ainsworth UCC Church NE 30th and Ainsworth. Children must be pre-registered to attend.

Time to book an anti-bias education presentation for the Ktg. - 2nd grade classrooms, teachers and parents at your school for the 2017-2018 school year! Training Menu


Today, more than ever

it seems clear there is no choice but to be in this for the long haul.

I think of William Wilberforce who spent 3 decades fighting to abolish slavery in Britain……only to die 3 days after the legislation passed.

I think of Jesse Jackson who spent 50 years in the Movement before a chance to weep at the election of Barack Obama.

I think of Dolores Huerta who worked with Caesar Chavez over 30 years for farmworkers rights and continues today, and who first coined the phrase: “Si, se puede! Yes, we can!”

I think of Justin Dart Jr., who spent 40 years fighting for the rights of people with disabilities and vowed near his death to never give up the struggle for the “sacred continuum of human life”.

I think of Sojourner Truth who spent her entire life of 86 years resisting both slavery and sexism.

I think of Chief Joseph who spent weeks in battle, weary, and frozen trying to lead his people to freedom, and then spent the rest of his life imprisoned, and struggling to return to his homeland.

I think of Ella Baker who said, “We who believe in freedom cannot rest.”

The list goes on and on

Those warriors for justice who came before us

Who paved the way and passed the legacy on to us

Together, we must rise from the rubble

Remembering William, Jesse, Dolores, Justin, Sojourner, Chief Joseph, Ella, and millions more

Knowing what they faced and never gave up

Together, we must rise.


(written a few days after the 2016 Presidential Election)