Extending the culture of heaven to ordinary spaces.

As we emerge into this new landscape, we believe God is calling us to continue to BE the church in our everyday spaces.

We organise ourselves around 4 key practices:
Worship, Mission, Community, and Discipleship

Each Journey micro-church has their own unique ways they organise themselves.

Journey has 2 micro-churches:

The FLTR Community

The Graven Hill Micro-church

Journey Communities is a part of
The Microchurch Network

The Microchurch Network hosts a monthly celebration gathering for microchurches. You are welcome to gather in that space with us to:

Encounter God
Be equipped for mission
Be empowered as a disciple of Jesus
Engage other worshipping, missionary disciples.

If that describes you, we hope and pray you will want to join us and make our space all the richer!

Once a month, 4-6pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month except Easter and Christmas months.
Whitelands Sports Ground 2nd floor main hall

To learn more about The Microchurch Network UK, contact