CO2 Cars

Transportation / Energy & Power

Technical Drawing and Measuring for CCA
Technical Drawing PPT worksheet.pdf

Download this worksheet and complete the four 3-view drawings from the PPT (They are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Multiview DrawingPRINT VERSION

In your notebook, complete the 5 drawing exercises from the PPT.

CO2 Car Design

In your notebook, write down any information from this PPT that would be useful for designing your CO2 Car. You will need to come up with THREE different ideas for your car and draw them in your notebook.

co2 car in shop

After racing your cars, you will need to obtain your three times from the teacher. You should also have the weight of your car in grams already recorded. In your notebook, complete the following:

  • A drawing of your car, including a top view, side view, and the length
  • The weight of just the BODY of your car (the wooden part)
  • The assembled weight of your car (including wheels, axles, CO2 cartridge, etc)
  • The assembled weight in kilograms (200g = .2 kg)
  • The distance the car traveled, which is 65 feet
  • The three race times and the average (add your three times together, divide by 3. Round to the nearest thousandth)
  • The velocity of your car in ft/s, meters/s and miles per hour
    • velocity = distance / time (So take 65 feet and divide it by your average time)
    • For meters per second (m/s), take your velocity in ft/s and divide it by 3.28
    • For miles per hour (mph), take your velocity in ft/s and multiply it by 3600. Then divide it by 5280.
  • The acceleration of your car in meters per second squared (m/s2)
    • Take your velocity in m/s and divide it by your average time
  • The force applied to your car during the race in Newtons
    • Multiply the weight (mass) in kg and the acceleration from the previous step
  • You should have made some predictions about how your car would perform before the race. Write 3-4 sentences reflecting on the race--did your car perform as expected? Did anything unexpected happen? What would you do differently if you could do this project again?

Make sure you show your notebook to the teacher to receive credit!