Measuring and Drafting


1. If you were absent, download this worksheet:


2. Use the following powerpoint and a ruler that measures inches and millimeters to complete the worksheet.

1.3 Measurment

3. In your notebook, write some notes about how to measure in both inches and millimeters. At the very least, draw an inch ruler and metric ruler and label them both.

4. Complete this worksheet to practice measuring! You will need a ruler that measures both inches and millimeters / centimeters to complete this assignment. -->

measuring practice ENG.pdf


1. To make up days you missed, you will need to take notes from the following presentations. Specifically, make sure you record the following in your notebook:

Sketching Techniques and Practice

  • Types of lines (there are four)
  • Define orthographic sketch
  • Define isometric sketch
  • Draw slide 7 and label lines A - G (what type of line it is)
  • Draw slides, 17, 18 and 19 (top, front and right side views, in order and lined up)


  • Write down all 8 dimensioning guidelines
  • Complete activities on slides 21, 23 and 24.
1.4 Sketching
1.4 Dimensioning

2. Download the following worksheets to practice drafting.

drafting pkt complete.pdf

There are 3D printed models of some of the objects on page 1 to help you draw the 3 views. For pages 4-6, you can use building blocks to help visualize what each figure looks like. Talk to the teacher about using these resources!

dimensioning practice.pdf