Lip Balm

aka Manufacturing / Chemical Engineering

This project has 3 parts: formula calculations, making the lip balm label with Photoshop, and the 2-day lab, where students measure ingredients, add color, choose lids, fill lip balm tubes, put on the labels, and laminate the labels. Here is how you can make up these assignments:

Recipe Calculations

Download this worksheet:

  • Use the powerpoint below to determine the amount of each ingredient you will need to add to your lip balm. First determine how many tubes you will be making in your team (number of team members x 2), and then multiply that number by 4.75. Write this number under total, and use that to find the amount of ingredients and flavor.
Lip Balm Recipe MAKEUP.pdf
Lip Balm Fractions

Lip Balm Label

You will need to complete this activity before or after school using the classroom computers. Go here for help creating your label!

Lip Balm Lab

If you missed one or both days of the actual lip balm lab, you will need to complete some or all of this worksheet, depending on what you actually missed. See instructions on the worksheet.

Lip Balm Lab Makeup.pdf