Jordan Ridge Choir


Welcome to the 2018-19 Jordan Ridge Choir. We are so excited to see so many students participate this year.

I apologize that I left off the date for T-shirt orders. We are going to be ordering them on September 7, 2018. If you haven't paid the $8.00 please do so by next Wednesday so we can have an accurate count of how many to order. If you have a concern or need please let me know.

I have had several students ask if they can get copies of the music. I can not make copies of the actual music but I will add a the lyrics for the songs we will be singing. If you click on the lyrics tab you can print them.

Thank you "C" trackers for coming to choir while you were off track. We know it is not always possible and we appreciate you effort. "B" track please continue to come to choir so you don't miss out on learning the songs.

We will be holding solo and small group tryouts in the gym after school on Friday, September 14. I have several songs so you don't have to come with a song prepared. Just come with about 12-14 bars of your favorite song to sing. If you can't make that date and time please come talk to Mrs. Epperson.

Thanks for your support.

Mrs. Epperson

Ms. Fiso

Mrs. Sanders

Mrs. Lybbert