Ceramics & Art 2

Sunset Ridge Middle

Welcome to our class website for Ceramics and Art 2 at Sunset Ridge.

Above are links to either Ceramics or Art 2. Use them for copies of class handouts and timeline calendars. On this main page, you will find a wealth of information about my approaches to art and teaching, general classroom information and past student examples.

The theme "Art with Purpose" represents the underlying value all supporters of art believe in. Art is meaningful not only to individuals but to the greater community. Art is practice, it is purposeful intent. In our classes, students will be given many opportunities to explore the many themes and approaches to creating art. The class is designed with The 8 Studio Habits of Mind, which also heavily influenced Utah State's Art Core. The students will be well rounded in the artist experience.

A brief blurb about me in terms of art and educational career. Both of my degrees are from Westminster. A Bachelor in Fine Art and a Master in Art of Teaching. During my life I spent a lot of time Painting and Drawing, but I did not get into Ceramics until college. I love both worlds. In my teaching career, it has been 7+ years, most of that time has been at West Hills Middle, but in the last year Sunset Ridge has my heart. My roots are in Understanding by Backwards Design and Constructivist Learning approaches. My life, and teaching, philosophy is centered around the concept of Growth Mindset. Success always happens when one keeps an open mind and never gives up.

Class Description and Disclosure Expectations and Rules

Ahre Ceramics and Art 2 Disclosure Addendum 2018-2019.pdf
Class Expectations & Rules 2018-19.pdf

8 Studio Habits of Mind

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Student Examples