GCSE Economics Revision

Below are a set of links to different types of revision material

You should remember that although reading/watching all of this different revision material is helpful - it is only part of your revision.... The best revision you can do is to complete the practice exam questions you have been given: over, over and over again!


This is your starting point - create a list of topics to revise using the OCR specification

Get it here

You can also download lots of past papers from the OCR website on the link below

Get it here



OCR GCSE Economics revision Guide - a very detailed guide, covering all of the different topics from all 3 units - MUST HAVE!

Unit 3 Pre release case Study - an electronic copy of the stimulus material you will be referring to in your Paper 3 exam


Dani's revision channel - a set of videos by a student who recently studied GCSE Economics. There are a real mix of videos (incl other subjects) so you have to search for the correct topic you need (make sure you get GCSE and not A-Level)

ACDCLeadership - a very annoying US teacher who has created a whole series of videos on every single topic. He is irritating... but covers everything clearly and in great detail (and uses diagrams). Be careful to match up his videos with the specification for GCSE - a lot of the stuff he covers is for A-Level

G Conomics channel - a UK teacher who has lots of videos related to GCSE Economics (again be careful not to watch A-Level ones). Also includes a good analysis of the stimulus material for your Paper 3 exam


BBC Bitesize - good ol' BBC bitesize... doesn't have an Economics page as such, but there is content relating to Supply and Demand and Macro issues that are worth a look

Tutor2U - again, doesn't have any content directly related to GCSE (it's all A-Level), but if you pick the videos that are 'an intro...' to various topics then it is very useful. I've linked to the index page with all of the topics listed alphabetically; pick a topic and choose any video/notes option that you feel like