A-Level Economics Revision

Below are a set of links to different types of revision material

You should remember that although reading/watching all of this different revision material is helpful - it is only part of your revision.... The best revision you can do is to complete the practice exam questions you have been given: over, over and over again!


This is your starting point - create a list of topics to revise using the AQA specification

Get it here


AQA A Level Economics Advice V1.pdf

aqa - Exam advice


It is a good breakdown for the approach you should take to each of the different exams you will take in the summer. A good reference point to have when completing past papers - including timings! (that a lot of you struggle with...)


Tutor2U is my 'go to' place for revision material for Economics - they have lots and lots of content in various formats. Just to make it a bit more managable, I have created a set of direct links below to the pages that I think are the most relevant and helpful.

Tutor2U Economics collections - this is an index page of all the content they have. It is sorted by topic, so if you have a particualr topic you wish to revise - click on the link and it will show you all of the resources they have related to that topic (notes/revision questions/videos etc)

A couple of pointers... BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICS and LABOUR MARKET ECONOMICS are 2 of the 'new' topics on the spec. Chances are these will feature somewhere in your exams, I suggest you do plenty of revision on these. (click on the links to find specific info)

Tutor2U Multiple Choice pratice questions - a large collection of really good (and short) videos on the Multiple choice questions for paper 3 and more importantly an full explanantion of the correct answer for each

Tutor2U Evaluation skills videos - a collection of detailed videos that explain how to fully evaluate some of the common topics that crop up in the 25 mark essay questions

Tutor2U Chain of Reasoning videos - a collection of detailed videos that discuss how to achieve the top grades for your analysis (generally the bit a lot of you struggle with) in either the 12 mark or 25 mark questions


Below are some links to good Youtube channels/videos- some of them are a bit 'quirky' to say the least, but all cover the content (including diagrams) in a clear and structured way

ACDCLeadership - a very annoying US teacher who has created a whole series of videos on every single topic. He is irritating... but covers everything clearly and in great detail (and uses diagrams)

PAJHolden - a lecturer who has uploaded lots and lots of videos about pretty much every Economics topic imaginable

Dani's revision channel - a set of videos by a student who recently studied A-Level Economics. There are a real mix of videos (incl other subjects) so you have to search for the correct topic you need.

How to write a good 25 mark essay - as per the title


I've included below some links to general revision material - sometimes it is just good to read!

Detailed revision guide for Micro economics - it is based on the old style spec, but all of the content is pretty much exactly the same. (might be worth printing)

Detailed revision guide for Macro economics - again based on the old style, but all still relevant. (might be worth printing)

Economics A-Z - an alphabetical list of all the diffrent topics in Economics. Each page has very detailed content and all of the associated diagrams.

Multiple Choice Question Practice - a bank of MCQ's sorted by topic

Scoop.it - a collection news stories directly linked to different Economics topics. This is really good for finding real life examples to use in your essay answers.