A-Level Economics Revision

Below are a set of links to different types of revision material

You should remember that although reading/watching all of this different revision material is helpful - it is only part of your revision.... The best revision you can do is to complete the practice exam questions you have been given: over, over and over again!


This should always be your starting point... the AQA specification

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aqa - Revision checklist

This document lists all of the topics for both Micro and Macro - this is a good way to structure your revision to ensure you cover everything!

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Tutor2u Paper 2 support

Below is a link to a Tutor2U page that has lots of resuorces that can be used for last minute preparation for Paper 2

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AQA A Level Economics Advice V1.pdf

aqa - Exam advice


It is a good breakdown for the approach you should take to each of the different exams you will take in the summer. A good reference point to have when completing past papers - including timings! (that a lot of you struggle with...)


Tutor2U is my 'go to' place for revision material for Economics - they have lots and lots of content in various formats. Just to make it a bit more managable, I have created a set of direct links below to the pages that I think are the most relevant and helpful.

Tutor2U Economics collections - this is an index page of all the content they have. It is sorted by topic, so if you have a particualr topic you wish to revise - click on the link and it will show you all of the resources they have related to that topic (notes/revision questions/videos etc)

A couple of pointers... BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICS and LABOUR MARKET ECONOMICS are 2 of the 'new' topics on the spec. Chances are these will feature somewhere in your exams, I suggest you do plenty of revision on these. (click on the links to find specific info)

Tutor2U Multiple Choice pratice questions - a large collection of really good (and short) videos on the Multiple choice questions for paper 3 and more importantly an full explanantion of the correct answer for each

Tutor2U Revision videos - lots and lots of videos on different Economic topics, covering multiple choice, essay questions and general discussion of Economic issues that you need to be aware of for your exam

Tutor2U Evaluation skills videos - a collection of detailed videos that explain how to fully evaluate some of the common topics that crop up in the 25 mark essay questions

Tutor2U Chain of Reasoning videos - a collection of detailed videos that discuss how to achieve the top grades for your analysis (generally the bit a lot of you struggle with) in either the 12 mark or 25 mark questions


Below are some links to good Youtube channels/videos- some of them are a bit 'quirky' to say the least, but all cover the content (including diagrams) in a clear and structured way

ACDCLeadership - a very annoying US teacher who has created a whole series of videos on every single topic. He is irritating... but covers everything clearly and in great detail (and uses diagrams)

PAJHolden - a lecturer who has uploaded lots and lots of videos about pretty much every Economics topic imaginable

Dani's revision channel - a set of videos by a student who recently studied A-Level Economics. There are a real mix of videos (incl other subjects) so you have to search for the correct topic you need.

How to write a good 25 mark essay - as per the title


I've included below some links to general revision material - sometimes it is just good to read!

Detailed revision guide for Micro economics - it is based on the old style spec, but all of the content is pretty much exactly the same. (might be worth printing)

Detailed revision guide for Macro economics - again based on the old style, but all still relevant. (might be worth printing)

Economics A-Z - an alphabetical list of all the diffrent topics in Economics. Each page has very detailed content and all of the associated diagrams.

Multiple Choice Question Practice - a bank of MCQ's sorted by topic

Scoop.it - a collection news stories directly linked to different Economics topics. This is really good for finding real life examples to use in your essay answers.