Middle Syndicate Johnsonville School


Dear Whānau, Family and Friends

We are very excited about the year ahead and are looking forward to working with you all. We have decided to create a site this year to put newsletters all in one place (plus it helps our environment). We have included some ideas to help support your child's learning at home. The most important thing though is to enjoy learning together and to encourage a lifelong love of learning. Please come and chat with us for any additional ideas or specific requests you have to develop your child's talents.

Ngā Mihi

The Middle Syndicate Team

Explore our school website https://www.johnsonville.school.nz/ for additional information you require and the exciting links tab for sites that may support your child's learning.

Contact Details

Room 4 - Chloe Johnson chloe.johnson@johnsonville.school.nz

Room 5 - Rosalie Anso rosalie.anso@johnsonville.school.nz

Room 6 - Darrel Greaney darrel.greaney@johnsonville.school.nz

Room 7 - Stephanie Whiteman stephanie.whiteman@johnsonville.school.nz

Room 8 - Andrea Geluk andrea.geluk@johnsonville.school.nz

Release Teacher - Nikki Fraser nikki.fraser@johnsonville.school.nz

ESW - Lizzie Bruce lizzie.bruce@johnsonville.school.nz

Syndicate Team Leader - Stephanie Whiteman stephanie.whiteman@johnsonville.school.nz

Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini

My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, as it was not individual success but success of a collective