Jason Collum (a.k.a. Mr. C)

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Mr. Jason Collum (262) 637-2012 (office)

My philosophy as an educator is that children learn best by doing. The more opportunities children have for a tactile, hands-on or personal experience the more beneficial the experience will be for them. In our classroom every activity we perform is based in education. Indeed, learning CAN be fun!!!

Our daily routine consists of reading, writing and math. We will also partake in centers (Daily 5) in which the children, based in small assigned groups of 3-4, will spend two - 20 minute sessions of play-based learning. These centers involve math, reading, writing, science, home living, listening, painting, art, music, iPads and technology, and building/engineering. (*These centers are also experienced during our "Free Choice Activity" time. The difference is that children may choose the center in which they want to spend time.)

Throughout the week we will also study Science, Social Studies, Health, Foreign Language, and "Specials" outside of our immediate classroom which include Music, Library, Physical Education, and Art.