Student Services

Response to Intervention is a philosophy and process of providing individualized interventions for struggling learners. RTI is characterized by universal screening, progress monitoring, and a multi-tiered system of supports.

The foundation of Academic RTI is high quality, standards-based, differentiated instruction. Students who struggle to master skills receive immediate support. Students who continue to struggle receive enhanced interventions in addition to the instruction and support that takes place regularly in the classroom.

The foundation of Behavioral RTI is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS is a proactive approach of establishing, teaching, modeling, practicing, and reinforcing clear expectations of appropriate behavior for all students. Students who continue to struggle to demonstrate appropriate behavior receive individualized support through progress interventions designed by the RTI team.


The student handbook serves as our written policy for the interpretation and implementation of student discipline. By adhering to this board approved document, we ensure that all students are treated equitably regardless of campus, race, gender, ethnicity, or any other measure. Deviation from the established policies makes equity unattainable.


It is the duty of all administrators and staff to ensure that each child is given an authentic opportunity to respond to allegations. A thorough and complete investigation must always precede findings or assumption of fault. Findings must be supported by a preponderance of evidence.


The written and digital documentation of student discipline serves as timeless evidence to demonstrate the details of the events and provide justification for administrator actions. Thorough and accurate documentation ensures clarity for all parties and demonstrates that student discipline is administered with consistency and integrity.


Our desire to promote the success of each student and our pursuit of unitary status motivates us to provide support for each student. This also serves as additional incentive to ensure that all students are disciplined equitably. We will attain unitary status by doing the right things, the right way, for the right reasons. We will improve student behavior by teaching and supporting appropriate behaviors and through effective classroom management. We will maintain absolute integrity in the implementation, recording, and reporting of student discipline.

Alternative Education

The purpose of Alternative Education is to provide a high quality education for students who need a non-traditional learning environment.

The behavior management plan is called for in the parent/student handbook and in the JNPSD Desegregation Plan. BMP's are intended to address violations of Rule 101. Each plan is developed by the staff at the respective campus and reflects the agreed upon positive interventions to address violations of rule 101 in the classroom. No student should be found to be in violation of rule 101 unless the teacher provides the completed BMP for the student and supporting documentation. Each student's BMP is reset at semester. The template below and linked above can help provide a format for the Behavior Management Plans.

Please send the Behavior Management Plan to the director of Student Services by August 19.

JNPSD 17-18 Classroom BMP Template

The Campus Procedure Manual outlines practices and expectations at the individual campus. The parent/student handbook indicates that the following rules are to be addressed in the Campus Procedure Manual; Rule 601. Repeated School and or Class Tardiness; Rule 602. Student Dress and Grooming; Rule 603. Violation of Parking and Driving Regulations; and Rule 604. Truancy.

The procedure manual should also include the campus behavior matrix, campus specific PBIS information, and all procedural information at your campus. Include the steps that teachers, counselors, and administrators will be taking to proactively teach and reinforce positive behaviors. The template below and linked above can help provide a format for the Campus Procedure Manual.

Please send the Procedure Manual to the director of Student Services by August 19.

Student Procedures Manual Sample

In November of 2013, the Little Rock School District, Pulaski County Special School District, North Little Rock School District, the Joshua Intervenors, the Knight Intervenors, and the State of Arkansas reached a settlement agreement in a long-standing desegregation case. Parties agreed to the authorization of The Jacksonville/North Pulaski area school district. As a result of the history of this case, JNPSD has been a party to this desegregation suit since the district's creation. The Jacksonville North Pulaski School District adheres to a revised Plan 2000 in an effort to reach unitary status, eliminate court supervision, and to ensure the equitable treatment and education of all students.

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Recess and Outdoor Activity Guidelines