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Autokriti 9.0, SAE INDIA

10th Oct, 2017 at NIT KURUKSHETRA

Reported By - Shivam Juneja (1216425)

NIT kuk conducted an engine overhauling workshop,Autokriti 9.0 in collaboration with SAE India which is a strategic alliance partner with sae international, a non profit engineering and scientific society dedicated in advancement of mobility industrialization in india.

The event first started as Autokriti 1.0 in which maruti 800's engine was used this time upgraded to Mercedes and Audi V6 engines.

The event took place in NIT KUK campus started from 29th September upto 10th October.The event started with all heart and swing,and ended with the same.

Students of our college,JMIT RADAUR also participated in the event with great enthusiasm.Many of our students both from 2nd and 3rd year mechanical participated in the 3 day event.

Our college was invited in the last but the most crucial slot, being 8th,9th & 10th of October.

The event completed in 3 phases, first being the expert lecture which included autonomous vehicle and future of electric motor driven cars.And 9th & 10th being the technical included the basic knowledge of car's design, suspension, braking system, transmission and the engines.


There were almost 50 students present at the moment & were divided into groups.My group had 10 team members, at 2nd day of the workshop we were taught about basic designs of suspension, braking system and steering systems used.

On the last day, the most awaited part of the workshop started..the overhauling workshop, the which focused on overhauling of Honda City 4 piston in line engine,the Audi A4 diesel engine & the Mercedes ML320 petrol engine,and at last the automatic toyota transmission.

Wrapping up , the students organizing the event put in a lot of efforts,heart and soul to make the event a success.

The management, equipments & execution of event added up to make everything worth.

As per my personal experience, i would recommend my colleagues to participate in the next year's event too.



11TH October , Wednesday , 4-5 PM. PD department

Organized by : Tech Media Club & Say Cheese Club.

Reported By: Lakshay dutta (1217250) CSE 1st yr.

A photography workshop was delivered by “ say cheese “ club in collaboration with TECH MEDIA

Club for the students of the clubs to inculcate in them , the basics of photography and the points to be kept in mind while taking pictures .

The workshop was a medium for young club members to learn and grow their basics of photography and to use those basics to produce great outputs. The 1 hour class comprised of knowledgeable students and staff members from JMIT , who delivered extremely informative points covering almost everything a new reporter might need to know.

The event was held and executed digitally by medium of projector screening and on screen tactics to make every move come alive and make every participant get the 100% out of the class. The event laid emphasis on use of DSLR cameras but mostly phone cameras , a more common and available tool for everyone

Since there are many events happening in the campus and the new reporters needed some fresh tactics before they get started , the workshop provided them a breakthrough by providing great information on how to operate DSLR and SLR cameras , and also telling about the 9 grid photo mode and valuable points to be kept in mind , like the resolution , aspect ratio, ISO , shutter speed . the workshop also featured some great artistic video effects and hence was a must visit and very informative.




Step Stormz club

10 October 2017, ( Tuesday )

4:00 pm

Venue: Pdp Department

Report by: Rahul (1216406), Ashish (1217004), Shiwanshi (4017540)

An event of treasure hunt was held in JMIT, radaur.

Primarily, a selection round on the basis of their logical and problem solving ability (PSA).

A crossward was displayed on an screen where the participants had to find out specific words given in the list provided to them.

The selected participants were now aligible for the next round when everyone was given hints and riddles to solve out for their problem with dues to the next object.

Subsequently leading to their final treasure.

All the participants searched for their dues with extreme exthusiasm and exicitement.

And finally winner are –