Maker Space

We are in the planning phase of the Maker's Space at JIS Middle School. This website will be a place to share ideas and plan. It will evolve into an interactive site where students can sign up for sessions and projects in the Makers Space. It will also become a place to share what we make. Join the conversation in The STEAM Room forum!


Here are some ideas a gathered from Jenn Krembs art room. I would like less dark wood and more metal storage recycled wood and crates. I want everything mobile with locking wheels.


I would like to find used wooden crates for storage. We could also mount them on the wall, put wheels on them so they are mobile.


This picture is of an Ikea hack but we might be able to make something similar in house. Click here for the plans.

I would like 2 of these. I would like the tops of these to be light tables that can tilt up to act as drafting boards. Power Strips on the side would be super cool too.

If something like this can be made by facilities that fits the bins we already have that would be great. Using recycled wood might look cool.

Two or three of these with stackable stools would provide students with good work area.


I love this idea of mobile dividers to showcase work. These can be made cheaply and we can wheel them out to showcase work. They could be hinged together so they can fold and be stored.

Vintage Chalkboard. Mounted to the wall or double-sided and mobile...

Lots of Metal Shelving and Metal Garbage Cans

4 shelves would be great and 4 big garbage cans.

Simple Workbenches Along the Pegboard wall. (with castors). The recycled look of this one is awesome.


I want one wall covered with peg board so we can hang and organise tools and materials

Retractable power outlets, from the wall and the ceiling.

Possible Color Schemes for the Industrial Chic Look