Ensuring Collaborative Response Solutions


We work with schools, districts and educational leaders to establish collaborative learning structures that ensure success for all students. By ensuring the development of effective structures and supports that meet and honour the needs of each unique school context, we can help in establishing, extending and sustaining powerful collaborative learning communities.

The comprehensive digital system designed to support schools and districts engaged in responding to the needs of students and coordinating school team planning efforts.

Aligning foundational principles with Collaborative Response, established by our parent company Jigsaw Learning, which ensures a systematic response for the emerging needs of students.


Through a partnership with Intellimedia, the Collaborative Response module has been developed as part of their education management system Dossier.



We have just started our journey with the Support Plan feature in the WeCollab Software. We are most excited with the opportunity to address Support Plan goals within a regular WeCollab meeting. This way, it is not necessary to have a separate Support Plan meeting; we have the ability to update goals as a team on the spot. Ultimately, we are making the Support Plan the living, breathing document it was always intended to be. Embedding the Support Plan within WeCollab streamlines the process for educators, allowing them to create the optimal learning environment for students in their care.

Grant Gosse – Director of Learning, Clearview Public Schools