Chinese Dual Language Program

Chinese Dual Language Program

Chinese Dual Language Program

The Chinese Dual Language program consists of English Language Learners and English-proficient students who will receive instruction in both English and Chinese with equal exposure. The curriculum will be aligned with the Common Core standards which is project-based learning that will engage students and foster collaboration. This opportunity will help students develop the gift of fluency in two languages.

Mission of JHS 185’s Dual Language Program

The mission of JHS 185’s Dual Language Program is to prepare students to become bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural through the exposure of enriching academic opportunities in two languages. We aim to inspire our children’s unlimited potential to build a solid foundation for a successful life, and to prepare them for the challenges of our global society.

What is Dual Language Education at JHS 185?

  • Fluency in two languages
  • Engaging cultural experiences
  • Certified bilingual teachers
  • Aligns with Common Core Standards
  • Parent support
  • Traditional Mandarin writing and Pin Yin
  • Classwork and homework assigned in both languages
  • Provides students opportunities to be prepared in a global society

Academic and Social Benefits

  • Intellectual advantages
  • Cognitive advantages
  • Strengthens focus and attention
  • Increases short term memory
  • Enhances problem- solving skills

Contact information:

Chinese Dual Language teacher: Ms. Li - Email:

Ms. Sande - 6th Grade Assistant Principal -

Ms. Li - Chinese Dual Language Teacher