6th Grade Team

6th Grade Team

We are very happy to have you begin your middle school years at Edward Bleeker Junior High School 185. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor or Dean. We look forward to working together to make your child’s middle schools years enjoyable and successful.

Assistant Principal

Mr. Michael Leung mleung3@schools.nyc.gov 718-445-3232 Ext. 3221

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Vicky Kouzounas vkouzounas@schools.nyc.gov 718-445-3232 Ext. 3261


Mr. John Santamaria jsantam@schools.nyc.gov 718-445-3232 Ext. 3171

All incoming 6th grade students are assigned a summer reading project. To download a copy of the summer reading assignment, click HERE. Summer reading assignment is due to your ELA teacher on Friday, September 8th.

Yellow Bus Transportation & MTA Metro Card

Grade 6 students residing in College Point ONLY have the option of receiving yellow school busing. Students can take the school bus to and from school from a centralized pickup location near your house. If you need yellow bus transportation, call 718-445-3232 and speak to Ms. Santora or Ms. O’Korn in the main office.

In addition to yellow bus services, students have access to the NYC MTA public buses. Based on the distance between home and school, many students are eligible for half or full fare Metro Cards. Eligible students receive two Metro Cards per year, one in September (for the fall semester), and a second card in February (for the spring semester). *Please note: Students receiving College Point bus service are not eligible for metro cards. Lost Metro Cards cannot be replaced. A signed typed or written letter with your child’s name and class should be submitted to the main office to request a replacement metro card.

Please click HERE to view additional transportation information.

Physical Education Uniform

P.E. uniforms are required to be worn on days your child has their physical education class. P.E. uniforms are available for purchase from the physical education department in September or may be purchased online at www.lockerthings.com and type "Bleeker" under the search box or click HERE. Your order will be mailed to JHS 185. If you require assistance ordering your P.E. uniform, speak with our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Luo at or 718-445-3232 x1306.


Breakfast and lunch are provided to all students for FREE. Breakfast is available every morning in the student cafeteria starting at 7:15 am. Students may bring lunch from home, have school lunch for free, and/or purchase snacks during their lunch period for $1-$2. Every Friday ice- cream is sold for $1 or 10 Bleeker Bucks. Snack items include chips, ice cream, granola bars, etc. To see what's on the school lunch menu, click HERE. To download the School Food App, click HERE

After-School Program

Child Center of NY offers a free after-school program for all students Monday – Friday from 2:20 PM– 5:20 PM. Availability is limited therefore it is highly recommended to complete applications as soon as they become available. To request an application, contact our CCNY Director, Ms. Maldonado or Assistant Director, Ms. Mahmood at 718-321-3510 or 718-445-3232 x 5421 or download an application HERE.