About John

I'm a NYC area native with over 15 years of Ministerial experience. As time has progressed, I wanted to expand my reach to continue to spread love where love is welcomed! I love working with couples and families to make their special occasion the best experience possible not only for them, but for their audience as well.

I believe in a personal touch. Each family is different, and their life celebration should reflect that. Each facet of each gathering is custom made with the family in mind. I try my best to build a relationship with my "clamilies" (clients/families). Life celebrations are more than business - they make us family!

Vocationally, I am a licensed and ordained minister that seeks to serve the whole person. Regardless of what spectrum of life you walk, it is my life's mission to be a source of inspiration, hope, motivation, and care for all that I have contact with. We all have a journey to walk in this life, and it's best when you have life-giving support around you. I hope to be a life-giving source as we all grow day by day. Professionally, I am a Learning & Development Instructor that specializes in cultivating learning environments that help learners on all levels understand the material, and become able to be sufficient in all they seek to do.

On a personal level, I am happily married to the love of my life Shaneel, and we are blessed to raise two of the best children anyone can ask for - our son John III aka Trip, and our daughter Maia. The quality that I would like to have given to my family is exactly what I want to give to yours - let's live!

Hopefully, I've given a good look into myself, and given you a good sense of what I'm about. As always, I['m only a contact away if you'd like to speak more about anything (literally - smile!).