I've worked with a long list of technologies in my career, so I enumerate the more interesting ones here, so as to keep the clutter our of my main Resumé.

I will say two things about the technologies: First, believe the span of systems, languages and applications I've worked on has given me a good historical view - there is very little under the sun, as it turns out, and things don't always improve. Secondly: I've also tried to become the "Chef", not the "Master of the 12-inch frying pan" - that is, to be agnostic to technology, but dedicated to the overall craft of building software.

Development Technologies



Lightbend is the company behind Scala, and I have had the opportunity to work directly with Scala's creator, Dr. Martin Odersky, on several occasions, as well as with members of the engineering teams that build and maintain the Scala compiler and much of the ecosystem, on a regular basis, for many years.


My primary development expertise for many years Java, and the Java platform. I work with many different Java technologies and framework at an expert level. I am a member of, and frequent contributor to, a number of on-line communities of Java developers.


I am fluent in many other languages (if, in some cases, slightly rusty), including Ruby, JavaScript, Smalltalk, C/C++, Elixir and Erlang, and various 4GLs and niche languages.

Orchestration and Operations

Kubernetes Ecosystem

I keep current with the fast-evolving K8s ecosystem, and the evolution of it's tooling, and use it frequently.


I have worked with DC/OS and it's components, including OSS Mesos.

Commercial Cloud Platforms

I am very familiar and have deployed to many cloud provider platforms, mostly AWS, some Azure, and hosted OpenShift. I know a bit of GKE as well.

Application/Web Servers

I have installed and configured many different varieties of application and web servers, including Equinox (and OSGi container), Jetty, Apache (with Jserv and more recently Tomcat), Allaire’s Jrun, MS-IIS, Jigsaw, WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Orion Application server (an integrated EJB/web/JSP/ servlet/JNDI/JMS server - now part of Oracle 10i) and several others.

Supporting Tools

I have worked with an extensive set of development tools, including the Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Oracle's JDeveloper, Sun's Netbeans, Maven, Continuum, JIRA, Atlassian's Bamboo (a continuous integration system), Apache Ant, Make, and dozens of others.

I consider the technical tools of my trade much like a master chef might consider stoves and knives: they're all a bit different, but it's possible to master any of them in a short period of time once you have the fundamentals – and the goal is to make a gourmet meal, not to get wrapped up in the features of the cooktop.


I have authored whole systems of documentation, both paper-based and online.

I am a good technical writer and am also able to write user documentation that is readable and highly usable. I have authored on-line help and HTML documentation systems in conjunction with the projects they describe.

I speak Markdown and LaTex fluently, and use them often.

I am familiar with the design requirements of both user and technical documentation, including JavaDoc and UML notation documentation.

Operating Systems

Unix and Linux

My daily go-to OS is always some Unix derivative, usually Debian Linux, RedHat, or some variant. I am also versed in the BSD variants, and have build kernels and configured everything from Solaris to CentOS, both in and out of VMs, containers, jails, and so forth.


I am comfortable with MacOs, recent versions of Windows, and even a few mainframe OSs.


Although I have experience with a large number of specific database systems as listed below, I have learned enough about SQL and database systems to know what not to do: in other words, how to make best use of the features of a particular database without creating software that is too database-specific. I am at an expert level with SQL and database design.


I am familiar with and have used Oracle's database systems on a number of previous projects, including some PL/SQL coding of stored procedures (I generally regard stored procedures as a bad idea, for portability and maintainability reasons, but they have their advantages in some specific situations).


I am extremely familiar with this popular open-source/commercially supported database system, and have implemented, installed, tuned and developed with MySQL on a great many projects. I am also well versed in the various tools available to work with MySQL.

Hypersonic SQL

A lightweight open source all-Java database that I have integrated as the default database for the open source framework developed at the Jcorporate site.

A high performance open-source database. I work with MySQL extensively in the maintenance and ongoing development at the Jcorporate site as it is the database of choice of the hosting company for the site.


A pre-installed database on most Linux systems, I have installed and configured Postgres on many different systems and used it extensively in both development and production.


I have implemented, installed and worked with Sybase System 10, System 11, and Adaptive server on a number of different systems including Solaris, NT and Linux. I am extremely familiar with Sybase's SQL syntax and have written some triggers and stored procedures in Transact-SQL. I am also familiar with the SQL Anywhere product and use it on my laptop for development, testing and small-scale deployments. Regis Ltd. was a member of the Sybase developer program from 1988.

Microsoft SQL Server

Designed and implemented a line of financial management applications including Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Inventory and Fixed Assets all utilizing Microsoft SQL server. Designed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse and decision support system involving all areas of business of a multi-national hotel/resort/casino company. Areas of business included Financial, Reservations, Operations (e.g. hotel operations), Casino, Food and Beverage.


I've used the database on the AS/400 extensively, mostly for data extracts from legacy systems into a data warehouse for multidimensional analysis.

Microsoft Access

I have used Access extensively as a local database and in lightweight deployments of servlet projects. Also I have done some custom forms in Access for administration (via linked external tables) of SQL Server databases. I am familiar with the JET engine and DAO objects, record sets, etc.

Pilot Multidimensional Database (OLAP)

CORBA-compliant interface to Pilot multi-dimensional database including extensions and enhancements to Pilot's own HTML capability for more advanced formatting.


Oracle Siebel and BIEE

Integrated a third-party application via the Oracle BIEE platform to extract query results from the underlying Siebel (Sales and Support modules) databases.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrated external commercial product with the MS CRM system using the provided web-service interface (including FetchXML queries and metadata service inquiries).

SQR Reporting System (now Sqribe)

Implemented and deployed in a web-enabled environment many complex financial reports written in SQR and accessing a relational database

Crystal Reports

Designed and implemented many supporting reports for accounting and decision support systems.

Powersoft's InfoMaker

Implemented reports for a full financial system (ledger, payables, receivables) in InfoMaker.

J.D. Edwards Accounting

Written extract programs to import data to a data warehouse from JDE General Ledger, Payroll and Job Cost systems. Familiarity with the general structure and detailed file layouts of the JDE data files, including the Payroll modules.

LMS Hotel System

Written Java data extracts to import business metric data from a production Hotel system into a data warehouse

LSI Casino System

As above, data extracts.

Argo UML and Popkin System Architect

UML Modeling tool and database mapping system. I have used UML extensively to design a complex data warehousing solution and related applications.

Visio Professional

I have used Visio for preparing system diagrams that are not appropriate within the UML modeling tool. (Multi-dimensional hierarchy charts, for example).

Office Productivity Software

I have a working knowledge of MS-Word, an in-depth knowledge of Excel including some macros (VBA), COM integration with Java, importing and exporting data into and out of relational databases including MS SQL Server, Sybase and AS/400 DB2.

I currently use OpenOffice (and it's derivative, NeoOffice) exclusively, and am very familiar with it, and have written advanced Macros for it.

I have also worked with applications such as Microsoft Project, Adobe's Acrobat and Dreamweaver products (including some basic Flex development), among others.


Have setup numerous networks including LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, PC/NFS as well as Microsoft Networking (including configuration of multiple NT domains).