Chronological Details

In the excessively unlikely event that you want to know the gory details, below is a brief reverse-chronological summary of projects I've worked on, highlighting the relevant experience I gained and technologies I worked with.


Lightbend, Inc

BoldRadius Solutions, Inc

JGlobal Limited

Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas/ Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Online Design Repository for 3D Printers; Oct, 2013 – May, 2014

Design and develop Orchard3D, an online repository of designs for printing with 3D printers, especially the Peachy Printer (a low-cost 3D printer funded by a Kickstarter campaign). Responsible for all technical aspects and development, from architecture to UI. Application consists of two applications, one Scalatra and one Play, and supports Git for repository access, as well as SSO via Facebook, Google, and others.

Reactive acquisition and distribution of real-estate listings; May, 2013 – Oct, 2013

Technical team lead and lead architect for a DevOps team producing an event-based system for the acquisition (from MLS databases), processing and distribution (to over 70 outside clients) of 2 million plus real-estate listings in near real-time.

The system extracted data on a scheduled basis from MLS systems and from an internal source application (with a web-facing UI used by real-estate agents) and produced a series of events. These events were then consumed by over 20 microservices via a distributed event-bus (with a MongoDB backing store/journal), which then produced further events. The overall system then produced formatted listings for distribution to dozens of outside clients, both via an on-demand (pull) API, and on a push basis as new data became available.

Led team of developers developing internal Billing application; Jan, 2011 – Apr, 2011

Technical lead and head developer for an internal integrated billing application using Spray to provide a REST API called by many other applications. Integrated with an external Yardi service for credit-card handling and online e-commerce processing.

Led team of developers developing new applications for Caterpillar Corp; April, 2009 – May, 2010

I was technical team lead for a group of developers contracted to produce new services and applications for Caterpillar corporation, including the back-end and front-end for, the Caterpillar marketplace for pre-owned equipment.

Designed and implemented an event-driven system using ActiveMQ/JMS for distribution of equipment listings to resale partners. System was Java-based, but all testing was done in Scala, introducing the language to the team.

Independent Java/JVM Consultant; 1982 - April, 2009

Previous to 2009 I was an independent Java/JVM consultant and freelancer for my own company since 1982, providing development and consulting expertise to a wide range of clients from financial services to hotels/resorts and casinos. I developed and sold my own line of financial accounting software, and was responsible for a range of open-source projects. Authored the books “Java Frameworks and Components”, Cambridge University Press and “Principles and Practices of Software Craftsmanship”, LeanPub.

Semantra Inc, Dallas, Texas, USA

I provide software design and development services to Semantra Inc, who are manufacturing a system to allow the non-expert computer user to pose queries against structured data sources (often databases) in conversational English, and produce precise and valuable results from those queries.

Using a fully Agile development and management approach, the Semantra product is built with cutting-edge technologies including OSGi (Equinox and pax), Java, Groovy, easyb, Spring, continuous integration (Bamboo), bug, issue and feature tracking with Atlassian JIRA, Jena (for RDF handling), ANTLr, and many others.

The product our team developed used the Restlet framework to allow easy web-service access to its capabilities, and the Ext commercial JavaScript framework from its user interface.

I was the project team leader for the Semantra for Siebel product line, the release of the Semantra technology to integrate with the Oracle Siebel line of applications. In this role I was responsible for the design and overall execution of the entire project lifecycle.

I also had the opportunity to develop a voice-recognition and voice synthesis interface for the Semantra product, using the Sphinx and FreeTTS open source frameworks to facilitate two-way voice interaction.

On this project I've had the good fortune to work with some of the most capable experts in the software development field, many of them also published authors, most of whom are frequent presenters and lecturers at conferences and seminars. I've learned a great deal from them, and hope to work with any of them again in the future.

Blueline Technologies, Lewisville, Texas, USA

Provided consulting and development services in the creation of a new generation of their multi-platform media management system product.

Platinum Solutions Inc, Reston, VA

Several different projects involving custom application development and support. Provided training classes for the United States Navy, development project support and consulting for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

PDQ Optical Laboratories, Freeport, Grand Bahama

Provided commercial web site development and support services.

Audit Integrity Incorporated

Provided custom financial report analysis application, commercial open source support.

Picture Marketing Inc, Novato, CA

Custom web application development for proprietary image manipulation and management.

Finacity, New York, NY

Custom web application and database development support and consulting, including advanced security mechanisms.

NetLabs, Hazlet, NJ

Custom web/database application development.

Keel Meta-Framework

Core developer of the Keel Meta-Framework, an open source tool designed to integrate multiple Java web-application frameworks and tools including Struts, Cocoon, Velocity, Tapestry, Axis, and Thinlets on the client side, and integrating dozens of projects to provide server-side services including Apache Avalon, OSWorkflow, Hibernate (and JPA), Quartz Scheduler, JBoss (including Message-Drive EJB deployments and clustering), OpenJMS, Lucene, and many others.

Keel provides a pluggable component architecture for sophisticated web application development at the enterprise level.

Keel is currently being used by deployed applications for the U.S. Navy and the FBI, as well as various commercial sector clients.

Avalon/Excalibur Framework

I was involved in the development of the Avalon (later Excalibur) Apache software framework project (

I am a member of the Program Management Committee (PMC) and a contributor to this project. I am also the mailing list moderator.

JCorporate Ltd.

Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas

Expresso Framework

I was the creator of the Expresso open-source web application development framework and component library and its lead developer up to version 4.0.2.

Expresso included an advanced relational to object database capability session management and tracking system job queue management email event notification and other capabilities. This component library is currently being used in a number of commercial software companies as the basis for their application development, and has spawned a number of related projects, some open source and some community source. The projects included:

  • Commercial Web Content Management System
  • Smart Search Engine (employing AI behaviors)
  • Discussion Forum.
  • Frequently Asked Questions System
  • Help Desk system for issue tracking/bug reporting
  • Data warehouse toolkit


Lead designer and developer of a commercial web content management and enterprise information management system marketed through reseller partners.

eContent is comparable to competitive systems such as Viador's or IBM's EIP, but with more of an emphasis on web content management and available with source code. This project involved integration of a number of open source technologies in conjunction with a sophisticated framework of resource management and security.

Details of the project can be found at

Sun International, Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas / Miami, Florida, USA

Web-based Publishing System and OLAP Decision Information System

I designed, directed development and deployment of, an advanced decision support system/data warehouse for an international resorts company. This was a 4-year project.

The project is intranet based, and relies on the following technologies: Java, Multi-dimensional OLAP Database (Pilot), Relational Database (MS SQL Server), Windows NT, IBM AS/400 and Sun Solaris.

User access is completely thin-client, based on HTML and Java servlets.

I directed a team of 6 other developers in this project.

I was responsible for the complete life cycle of the project, from gathering user requests and requirements, selecting the project management approach, project planning and risk/benefit analysis, system and database design (UML Use/Case diagrams), developing and validating specifications, managing and being the lead on the actual programming, defining and executing a testing/quality assurance program, all the way through documentation and development of training materials and programs for deployment to the user base.

I was also responsible for defining development and procedural standards for all of these tasks.

Florida Tile, Lakeland, Florida, USA

Real-Time Inventory Management

I co-developed a real-time system for complex inventory management at a ceramic tile manufacturing plant.

The system utilized RF (radio) terminals on each forklift to make immediate picking and sequencing decisions, allowing real-time update of product movements within a hi-rise warehouse.

Specialized algorithms were developed for color/shade matching and sequencing of picks for optimal shipment management.

This system utilized Informix-4GL running in an HP-UX Unix environment.

Regis Limited

Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas and Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Various Clients

Suite of Accounting and Financial Applications

I led the design and development for commercial resale of an entire suite of financial accounting applications including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Order and Fixed Assets.

This suite was sold to clients in many different industries including financial services, non-profit, governmental, hotel and resorts, retail, and credit collection.

The applications were multi-site, RDBMS-based and multi-currency. The consultative and technical implementation services provided experience in a large number of diverse industries. Some implementations were done as a sub-contractor to Andersen Consulting.

Maurice Kingsley, M/V Nonstop, St. Barthelemy, French West Indies

Expert Securities Trading System

I developed an artificial intelligence-based stock market trading system for a private investor.

It utilized custom neural networks, probability reasoning (Bayes theorem, among others) for auto-evaluation and weighting of proposed forecasting rules and custom forecasting algorithms.

The project tied in to the previously-developed portfolio management system for actual tracking and accounting of trades.

Michael Nash Computer Services

Hamilton, Bermuda

Robert Bishop International Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda

Investment Management System

I led the development and marketing of a vertical application to assist investment management companies in the offshore market in tracking and managing investment portfolios for their clients.

The Marketplace Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda

Developed a custom accounting, shipping, and inventory system for the largest chain of grocery stores in Bermuda.

Chronological Experience

Lightbend, Inc

BoldRadius Solutions

Yardi, Inc

Point2 Systems

December 2001– Current: JGlobal Limited - Principal, providing advanced web application development and consultation. Recent clients include Semantra Inc in Dallas, Texas, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, Washington, D.C., the United States Navy, Norfolk, VA, and AuditIntegrity Inc, San Diego, CA. Details above.

October 1999 – December 2001: Jcorporate Ltd. - Lead developer for all open source and commercial software projects as described above. Responsible for development of dynamic web site for project life-cycle support. Details above.

1996 – October 1999: Engaged by client Sun International to implement intra-net/data warehouse/decision support system as described above. Responsible for entire project life-cycle.

1994 – 1995: Engaged by client Sun International to install and customize the Regis Financial Series products for their operation. I was responsible for the overall implementation of the product, involving considerable customization to support multiple physical sites with two-way replication.

1993 – 1994: Regis Ltd. - Engaged by client to implement Regis General Ledger product in conjunction with their customized import/export software system. Responsible for overall implementation of ledger system.

1991 – 1992: Engaged by client to integrate the Regis Financials packages into their vertical health care automation systems. Engaged by Andersen Consulting Inc. to work with their client (Connecticut Department of Mental Health) to implement the Abacus System in conjunction with the Regis General Ledger system. Customizations and training. Worked with Unify 4GL, Sybase database, Sun Solaris OS. Responsible for integration of products and overall implementation of Regis Ledger system with customizations.

1989 – 1990: Engaged by client to assist in the development of a custom real-time inventory system including use of radio-terminals on fork-lifts and advanced shipping algorithms. Worked with Informix 4GL and C, Informix Online database, HP servers running HP-UX. Reported to project leader as one of 3 development team members.

1987 – 1989: Engaged by client to integrate the Regis Financial Series into their custom association management software, including assisting in initial implementations. Continued and completed project for independent trader on expert system. Worked with Unify Accell (4GL/database), Unify Database. Pascal and C language, DG-UX Unix. Responsible for integration of products.

1985 – 1986: Worked with various financial services industry clients in Bermuda to design and develop the Regis Financial Series, beginning with the General Ledger and Investment Management products. These systems were tailored for the offshore financial industry and were completely multi-currency and multi-lingual. Worked with Informix 4GL, Unify Database system. Also began project with independent offshore trader to developed expert-system based securities trading system. Responsible for overall product development.