EnviroClub is run entirely by students.

Members meet once a week during the 20 minute break and discuss ways to raise awareness for environmental issues among the student body, but also how to raise funds for environmental organizations. Students in the EnviroClub have hosted two exhibits from “Papierwende Berlin” that encourage mindful use of paper, as well as turning off the lights in the school building to encourage mindful use of energy.

We also invite and host guest speakers from various organizations. In the past, these have included the Berliner Straßenreinigung, Greenpeace, Grüne Jugend and Berliner Forsten. The EnviroClub offers interactive events, for example planting a tree on campus or quizzing teachers and students on their carbon footprint.

Future initiatives may include opening a shop for recycled school materials, establishing a JFKS Student garden, and encouraging students to take part in a photography contest on the topic of environmentalism. Join us!

EnviroClub Presi

Our Tips for Students!

    • Use Ecosia.org -- the search engine that plants trees -- for research! Read about Ecosia here
    • Use the backside of your papers and worksheets!
    • Bring your own utensils instead of buying a plastic fork/spoon for 20 cents
    • Turn your computer off whenever possible, not just the screen
    • Incorporate a day of the week where you don’t eat meat
    • Don’t leave the window open and the heater on
    • Use public transport instead of having your parents drive you
    • Bring your own plastic bags when shopping. Even better: bring cloth bags!
    • Using Garamond as a font instead of Arial or Times New Roman (it saves printer toner, and money)
    • Use digital distribution methods to share notes or provide instructions whenever possible
    • On bright days, use less indoor lighting
    • Re-use or re-purpose plastic products instead of immediately discarding them.
    • Use re-usable containers instead of saran wrap, paper or plastic bags.
    • Consider alternatives to snack machines that produce non-biodegradable waste (bottles, wrappers, bags).
    • Use less paper towels from the bathrooms to dry your hands (shake off excess water into the sink before taking paper towels)