If you're here, you're one of the 70+ staff or volunteer grassroots fundraisers participating in the JVP Solicitor Team.

This website is home to all of the info you need to be a part of the team. Use the links below to get started!

Or access all pages on this website by clicking the menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the site (the three horizontal bars).

Toolkit Sitemap

  • Background info - If you have questions about the campaign or JVP, start with the Background info section

  • How-to Guide - If just you want to get started, go here. The How-to Guide has a detailed overview of what you need to do as a solicitor, with more in depth guides for particular topics (like How to use the app, or how to have phone calls)

  • Resources - Additional resources are collected here

Key Campaign Deadlines & Calendar

Key Campaign Deadlines

  • Wednesday, May 27: Campaign Kickoff call

  • Friday, June 5: All pitches sent to Major Donors

  • Outreach Round 1 (June 3 - June 8): Complete your first donor outreach & update Knack by June 8th

  • Tuesday, June 9: Donor briefing

  • Outreach Round 2 (June 9 - June 15): Complete your second donor outreach & update Knack by June 15th

  • Outreach Round 3 (June 16 - June 22): Complete your final donor outreach & update Knack by June 22nd

  • Monday, June 22: Campaign Ends