General view of Bar, 1998

Courtesy Benjamin Lukin and Boris Khaimovich 

Bar, Ukraine

Coordinates: 49°04' N, 27°40' E.
Alternate Names: Bar [Rus, Ukr, Yid]

BAR, a town of Russia, in the government of Podolia, 50 m. N.E. of Kamenets, on an affluent of the Bug. Polp. (1897) 10,614. It was formerly called Rov. Its present designation was bestowed upon it in memory of Bari in Italy (where she was born) by Bona Sforza, the consort of Sigismund I. of Poland, who rebuilt the town after its destruction in 1452 by the Tatars. From 1672 to 1699 it remained in possession of the Turks. In 1768 a confederation of the Polish nobles (see next article) against the Russians was formed in the town, which was shortly after taken by storm, but did not become finally united to Russia till the partition of 1793.


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The Jewish community numbered in the tens of thousands people in Bar before World War II. There were many old synagogues in Bar before the World War II. The five thousands people were killed by the German fascists during the period of occupation in Bar, Ukraine in 1941-1942.