Specimen Preparation System

Jetlaser specimen preparation systems are developed especially for the manufacturing of metal specimens. The production run consists of the following steps: automatic test sheet loading, test sheet identification, laser marking, laser cutting, specimen sorting, and scrap removal. Our non-contact laser processes are fast and precise and enable faster and more profitable manufacturing of test specimens than manual methods. Our system handles stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum products including hot and cold rolled strip coils and sheets with various capacity requirements.

Automation is controlled with the product information database as a part of the quality assurance process. High repeatability in specimen cutting tolerances ensures reliable tensile test results. Clear and machine vision readable laser marking (including text, logo, 2D-code and raster) provides individual traceability for test specimens. Laser technology also improves the recycling of the test material by reducing actual material losses. Variations such as robot-assisted specimen sorting will be implemented according to your individual requirements.