Coronavirus 2020

A reminder to passengers: it is your responsibility to ensure you have checked ALL travel and health requirements, including any self isolation restrictions/mandatory testing prior to departure, imposed due to COVID-19 for your booking (all airlines and airports involved in your itinerary). These can change due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has caused cancellations and travel disruptions worldwide, we are experiencing an overload of requests and urgent changes/cancellations.

We understand this may be frustrating for the customers that have to wait, but we are prioritizing passengers that have already started their travels, putting safety first. Your patience in the meantime is highly appreciated. For the most up to date information please review the World Health Organization (WHO) site.

This FAQ is for Jetabroad customers who currently hold a booking:

Q: Am I able to make changes and cancellations free of charge?

A: This needs to be reviewed on a case by case basis. Where the airline does not have a waiver in place, normal airline fees and Jetabroad's standard fees apply. In cases where the airline has a waiver in place, Jetabroad will charge an admin fee of AUD $100 per passenger for cancellation and AUD $85.00 per passenger for changes. For each additional booking we charge AUD $30.00 per passenger for any cancellation and changes. ( Given the volume of coronavirus airline waivers to be processed however, this is limited to the first change, any subsequent changes will incur our normal cancel/change fees. )

Q: What do I do if my flight is cancelled/affected?

A: Due to the current situation most flights have been disrupted - you can re-confirm your flights with the airline directly. You can also check the airline policies on their websites. If you need any assistance from us please reach us by filling in the Airline Schedule Change Form.

Q: Is it safe to travel to overseas?

A: Currently a travel ban is in place for overseas travel from Australia with few exceptions. Further information can be found at:

Q: Will my travel insurance cover me?

A: This depends on your policy specifics, please contact your travel insurance company for advice.

Q: Why haven't I heard back from you?

A: We are experiencing a very high number of requests, our customer support team is working as fast as possible to respond:

    • If you're traveling within 24 hours please contact the airline directly to reconfirm your flights.

    • If you're traveling within 3 days please contact the airline direct to make your cancellation.

    • If you're traveling within 3-5 days we are prioritising your response.

    • If you're traveling beyond 5 days you may experience delays in receiving your response as we are processing the most urgent items first.

Please refrain from sending multiple email enquiries as this will delay your request.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my refund?

A: Airline operations have been disrupted with policies and procedures changing as the crisis develops. The airline policies that Jetabroad has received have a range of timelines for refund payments, so the airline can take 14 weeks to process refunds once we have submitted them. However, there are some exceptions where airlines are taking a longer time.