Mr. Davis

Physical Education

Welcome to JES Physical Ed

Letter to Parents and Student:

Due to COVID-19 and knowing that students are attending school in a hybrid model to protect themselves and others in our community, the unified art teachers have created a modified unified arts schedule for our students. The unified art teachers will spend a full week with each grade level on a rotating schedule.

Phys. Ed. Schedule:

  • Week 1: Sparkles (PreK and Kindergarten)

  • Week 2: Explorers (5th and 6th Grade)

  • Week 3: Green Mountaineers (3rd and 4th Grade)

  • Week 4: Detectives (1st and 2nd Grade)

This schedule repeats itself in a cycle. Once I go through all 4-weeks, I will go back to Week 1 and work my way back down.

During those weeks I am not with that specific grade level, I am still open to providing Phys. Ed. opportunities for those students who want more Phys. Ed.

This year the state has not required us to do Physical Education Fitness Testing and our 5th-6th Grade Fitness Competition is canceled this year.

If you have any questions or concerns about Physical Education with Mr. Davis please feel free to contact me via email or office phone: