Our Mission Statement:

West Jessamine Middle School will equip students to maximize their potential by promoting lifelong learning and engaging the whole student.


Students of the Month

August: Kenzie Elam and Campbell Nead

September: Mabry Frank and Chance VanWinkle

October: Jacob Abbott and Nevaeh Jackson

November: Katie Schlenther and Darrin Stidham

December: Shureka Derival and Brady Swaim

Mavericks Team Teachers Contact Information

To speak with a teacher on the phone, please call the school's main line (1-859-885-2244) during one of our planning times (8:54 - 9:38 or 1:44 - 2:32). If we are unavailable, we will return your call as soon as possible.

UPCOMING THIS WEEK (1/14/2019 - 1/18/2019):

English - Mrs. Park

  • Read "After Twenty Years" by O.Henry and discuss story elements (plot, setting, characters) RL.7.3
  • Read "Hearts and Hands" by O.Henry and discuss story elements (plot, setting, characters) RL.7.3
  • Exit Slip RL.7.3
  • "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyce

Social Studies - Miss Carnes

  • Greek mythology -- its basic structure and purpose

Codes for Miss Carnes' on Remind

**I just got word that Remind will no longer provide text messages to Verizon customers. You can download the mobile app or enable email notifications

  • 2nd - cah362
  • 3rd - dk6ae4
  • 4th - kke3a7
  • 6th - 8d3a4b

Math - Mrs. Grogg

Period 2

        • Distributive Property
        • Matching Diagrams to equations
        • Write equations given diagrams
        • Solving equations with both positive and negative numbers
        • Multiple ways to solve one equation
        • Using equations for percent based questions
        • MID UNIT TEST 1/18
            • Homework booklet not due until end of Unit.

Periods 3, 4, 6

        • Tax and Tip
        • Gratuity and Commission
        • Markup and Markdown
        • Fees
        • Percent Increase and Percent Decrease

Science - Ms. Hunt

  • I will need shoe boxes by Wednesday!!
  • Layered learning Physics Sheet 2

Collaborative ELA - Mrs. Evans

Collaborative Math - Mr. Helton