West Jessamine Middle School

Youth Service Center

The mission of our WJMS Youth Service Center is to enhance our students’ ability to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that support the quality of life of students and families.

+ Currently, our initiatives include:

+ Developing and sustaining high quality after-school programs.

+ Supporting mentorship programs that reach all WJMS students.

+ Addressing hunger and nutritional deficits while supporting the health and well-being of students.

+ Providing opportunities to explore careers and obtain essential soft skills.

+ Supporting initiatives that expose students to diverse cultures and perspectives.

+ Eliminating barriers to parent engagement.

+ Providing lifelong learning opportunities to parents and care givers.

Upcoming Events

Relatives as Caregivers

Jessamine County FRYSC Event



Would you like to partner with us? Contact the WJMS Youth Service Center Director, Nicole Markle, at nicole.markle@jessamine.kyschools.us and start working your vision into our school.

Next Advisory Meeting

TBD | WJMS Library

Advisory Committee Links:

Email Nicole Markle at nicole.markle@jessamine.kyschools.us to add items to our next meeting agenda.

The YSC Showcase

October 23 | Internet Safety Day

February 18 - 22 | Kindness Week

February 23 | Kroger Food Drive

March 27 | First Garden Day of 2019

Current WJMS YSC Needs

Food Closet

+ Granola Bars

+ Cuties/Apples

+ Oatmeal Packets

+ Canned Soups

+ Snack Size Ziplock Bags

Health & Hygiene Closet

+ Chapstick

+ Clorox Wipes

+ Deodorant

+ Hand sanitizer

+ Small Zippered Cloth Bags

School Supply Closet

+ Backpacks

+ Elmer's Glue

+ Folders

+ Scissors

Clothing Closet

+ Girls Tennis Shoes

+ Sports Bras

+ Girls/Boys Underwear

+ Leggings

Thank You Donors

Holiday Assistance 2018

Thanks to our donors and partners, 44 children woke on Christmas morning to gifts that met basic needs and at least one wish.

24 bags of gifts, 24 boxes of food, and 24 containers of homemade cookies and ornaments were delivered to our highest-need families between December 19-21. The entire project took many hands: ambassadors to make cookies; community members to purchase gifts; 4-H club members to make ornaments; teachers to donate board games, hot cocoa mixes, and more. #ItTakesAVillage

Thank You Volunteers

Mary Annette Phillips

Mary is a committed grandmother who loves to help. She has been involved as a volunteer for one year at West Jessamine Middle School. Thank you, Mary!

A "Jane of ALL trades," you name it and I've probably done it. I LOVE Life and the GREAT Outdoors.

Morgan Olliges

Morgan is joining us as a volunteer assistant to the Youth Service Center. Her main task will be in working with our Student Ambassadors. Welcome Morgan!

I like to think I’m really artsy. People say I giggle a lot. I’ll go out of my way to make sure a person knows they are loved. I believe in acting the way you’d like to see others act. I want all the puppies in the world.

Student Involvement Showcase

Student Council

Elected student leaders meet weekly to put 2-3 student-suggested initiatives into action.

Student Ambassadors

Self-nominated student leaders model leadership through being the change they want to see at WJMS.

Student Voice

Student focus group responds to questions about cafeteria menus and provides input for 2019/2020.