The house is 2,500 SF (230 m2). About 26' deep and 48' wide. 2 stories. 3 or 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Full, unfinished attic and basement.

The lot is 100' wide X 90' deep. That's 9,000SF or .21 acres.

Note that, as the color site plan indicates, the pavement of Liberty St. is 20'(?) from the property line -- so the house's setback seems deep.

Elevation -- The first floor sits 26' above the average high tide level.

The property is about half-way between New York Harbor (where the storm surge from Sandy was about 9' above high tide) and Poughkeepsie (where the storm surge was about 5.5'). The lowest point on the property is about 12' above the average tide level, which would be about 10.5' above high tide. So, a Sandy-sized surge would fall a few feet below the lowest point on the land. The basement sits 4' above that. And the main floor sits 10' above that.

See Westchester County's GIS map

Train tracks -- At 26' above the average high tide level, the first floor sits about 16' above the elevation of the train tracks. And the deck on the west side of the house is about 160' from the nearer track.