I am a programmer that specialises in Game Development, Virtual Reality applications and Augmented Reality applications.

My experience includes C++/C# development using Unity and Unreal, to develop VR applications and "traditional" games.

Every project is an interesting balance of working quickly whilst not incurring technical debt to allow for the expansion of the application beyond its initial scope.

Candy Wars - PC/Console - Competitive Twin Stick Shooter

Candy Wars - PC/Consoles

A competitive twin stick shooter where kids use their imagination to fight over candy!

Savages - PC/Consoles

Savages - PC/Consoles

An egg collecting game where you compete against friends and Yetis!


Sleepwalker - PC/Consoles

A FPS Puzzle game where you must sleep to use your supernatural ghost walking abilities to solve puzzles and escape.

Memories - Gear VR

A peaceful virtual reality experience where you experience a surreal dream based on your breach memories.

Shield Charge - PC/Mac/Android/iOS

An endless runner where you use your shield to bash, smash and surf your way to the end.

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