Controls Engineering

for Water & Wastewater

Better, faster, cheaper....

We've re-designed Control Systems design.

Control systems for wells, booster stations, and wastewater treatment plants don’t have to be hugely expensive or take months (or even years) to design. We’ve taken 30 years of experience and refined it with some great software tools to create a modular design system.

No re-inventing the wheel. We've taken the best subsystem designs and packaged them for quick reuse - saving you money and reducing errors.

Process and Instrument Diagram (P&ID) elements are set up for specific PLC I/O and control circuits. We’ve got a library of tested PLC function blocks that fit the I/O, and are configurable for different types of pumps, valves, or instruments. Data tags flow to the SCADA.

We cover all of the new construction controls engineering from conceptual design to commissioning. We create bid documents and specifications, provide PLC and SCADA programming, oversee the systems integration, start the control system up and provide final documentation. All within a streamlined process that cuts out wasted time and effort.

Give your new well, booster pump station, lift station, or water treatment facility a control system to be proud of - and save money with Jensen Systems.