GB on Tap

What is GB on Tap?

GB on Tap is a program to increase citizen and visitor access to Great Barrington’s tap water and to help our local businesses adapt and thrive. This is a two-pronged effort. First, eateries and retailers in town will welcome pedestrians, filling their refillable water bottles upon request. Second, exterior refill stations will be positioned in key locations around town, offering the opportunity for anyone to refill their water bottles.

Merchant and restaurant program

Participating "GB on Tap" merchants will be identified on a handy map. Window decals will be provided to them, attracting pedestrians into stores where they can obtain water, creating potential for added business. A sheet of suggestions for ways to dispense water has been distributed to merchants seeking this sort of help.

How many filling stations will there be, where would they go and when will they be installed?

The goal is to have several water refill stations (interior and exterior fountains) strategically placed in both Housatonic and Great Barrington. These will be rolled out gradually within the town centers and parks. We hope to have the first station installed by May 1, 2019 (pending weather and other factors beyond our control).

What will be the cost of each and who will pay for them?

Each outdoor water refill station, including installation, will cost between $7,000 and $10,000. These are conservative numbers, and we hope the total cost of each will be less.

Exciting news! We now have two stations fully funded, and $6500 raised toward the Housy Station at the Dome. We hope to have at least the Town Hall and the Housy stations operational by May 1, 2019!

Additional funding will come from various sources, including grants and private donations. We actively seek donations from citizens locally and regionally who believe in this principal. The town will own and maintain the equipment.

How do we donate to help purchase stations?

A fund has been set up at Town Hall to accept your donation of any size.

Make check to Town of Great Barrington

Write in the memo line "Water Station Fund"

Mail to: Treasurer’s Office, Town Hall 334 Main St. Great Barrington MA 01230.

Include a letter stating, "Please accept this contribution to the Great Barrington Water Station Fund."

You may also make a secure donation here with Paypal in the near future!

Who will maintain them?

The Town will own and maintain the stations.

What model will be used and is it sanitary?

We are considering this 'multi-station' model that has both a bottle filler and a bubbler. The bottle filler is designed so that you simply hold your bottle under the spout to fill, and even your hands do not come in contact with any part of the fountain. The bubbler is likewise hygienic; the chrome-plated integral hood guard around the spout makes it nearly impossible to put your mouth on the spout, preventing contamination from other users, airborne deposits and tampering. As well, the presence of chlorine in the water helps to clean the spout.

The stations are heavy-gauge construction with tamper-resistant screws that resist stains and corrosion. They have a powder-coated exterior over a corrosion-resistant stainless steel type-316 base material to provide protection from the elements. The flow of the water provides a clean fill with minimal splash.

Would the water be filtered?

The outdoor units do not come with filters. However, regarding Housatonic, see below.

Would they function in winter?

No. These are three-season stations, functioning eight months/year.

Do you plan to put a water refill station in Housatonic?

Yes! Since Housatonic has water quality issues, filtering is of great importance. Therefore, we've worked out a system so that the filtration equipment will be placed inside, attached to the water line, while the multi-station unit will be attached to the exterior wall of the building. The unit will be placed at the entrance of the Housy Dome. We anticipate using this model of station.