What is an Academy?

Academies are small learning communities within JCPS high schools that allow all students to connect what they're learning in the classroom to the real world through a subject that interests them.

Valley High School – Junior Achievement 3DE

3DE is a program that connects learning to the real world. That allows students to learn about subjects that connect their aspirations to what they are learning to connect them deeply to their education and give them business opportunities for during and after school.

What is a Pathway?

A career pathway is a coherent un-duplicated sequence of rigorous academic and career/technical courses including dual credit opportunities, leading to post-secondary degrees and industry recognized and/or licensures.


1. Transform Public Education

2. Enhance Personal Collegiate And Professional Performance

3. Help Elevate And Grow Economic Development In Louisville

Who Is Involved?

  • Educators

  • Families

  • Students

  • Business Partners

Where Will I See This?

Colleges and Workplaces

Academies of Louisville increases student performance and success, as well as builds a sustainable workforce for the future.


Valley students learn both in the classroom and around the city. This helps students build a sense of connection with the Louisville community and become responsible citizens.

Why You Can Believe Us

Here at Valley, we are building on the framework developed by Ford NGL, which has been transforming education in communities across the United States for more than a decade. We have also be helped by UPS, who has had enough faith in our school to give us equipment for the business industry academy.


When is this happening?

In the 2017-18 school year, the ninth-grade Freshman Academy was implemented in our schools at Valley. The full wall-to-wall academy model, for every grade in the school, begun during the 2018-19 school year. In the 19-20 school year, the business pathway was implemented into the industrial academy.


Helping elevate and grow economic development in Louisville

  • Improve outcomes for all students.

  • Improve our school district.

  • The state of Kentucky will have skilled and talented workers to fill available positions.

  • Recruit new industries to Louisville through a talented workforce.

  • Make Louisville a more attractive place for businesses.

  • Improving our schools = improving lives, improving our workforce, and Improving our community.

-Our Alumni Association-

Goals and Objectives

To serve as a link between Alumni and Valley High School

To serve as a conduit for sharing information between alumni

To provide scholarships for graduating seniors who want to attend college but need financial assistance

To encourage school spirit and establishing school tradition by honoring exceptional alumni, staff and friends of Valley

through the VHSAA HALL of FAME

To promote class reunions and serve as a resource

To promote, support and defend the values, integrity and character of Valley High School, it's students, teachers and staff

Our Academies

Valley High school has 3 academies:

  • Freshmen Academy

  • Health Science

  • Business Industrial

Our Freshmen

The Freshman Academy of Valley was implemented so that freshman can get a taste of high school before they are asked to choose where they would like to focus in on. This offers freshman to also have more time in their schedule, to take an extra elective or a course they are interested in.

Business and Industry

Our business and Industrial classes give students the ability to learn about finances, and teamwork. You can learn how to manage a product and team, or how to use HVAC equipment, and learn terminology. Industrial students also have the ability to work with UPS, and progress in a future career. Taking these classes get them steps closer to being certified in the outside world a lot faster than it would have taken.

Health Science

Our Health science classes offer phlebotomy, and vet classes. Vet classes even get the chance to work with animals almost daily, and even get the chance to bring their pet to school. Phlebotomy classes can work with the school for blood drives.

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