Professional Development

Reading Recovery Teacher, Engelhard Literacy Lab Creator, Literacy Leader, Reading Enthusiast

Flipping the Pyramid- Equity Institute 2019.pdf

PD session related to creating equitable literacy learning through Literacy Labs

Presented at JCPS DEP Equity Institute 2019

Extending Our Reach- ECET2Lou 2019

Literacy Lab PD explaining the purpose, function, and logistics of Engelhard's Lab

Presented at ECET2Lou 2019, KRA 2018, and JCPS after school PD sessions sponsored by the DEP

JCPS Planning PD part 2- 2019

Part 2 of the Literacy Lab PD sessions sponsored by the DEP

Presented to schools interested in and committed to developing their own Lab


Introduction to the DRA2 for new Engelhard teachers

Presented as new teachers join the staff

KRA 2015

PD with KRP colleagues about text sets and book selection

Presented at KRA 2015