Tutorials Page

On this page, you'll find short videos and "how to" directions to help you when stuck. Videos are arranged by topic.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus Gradebook Set up

Accepting classes, changing titles, changing background images.

Finding Student Logins and Emails

Here's how to run a report in Infinite Campus to pull student Logins and Emails.

Infinite Campus Messenger

See how to send messages to students, parents, and custom groups in Infinite Campus.

Syncing Grades Between Google Classroom and Infinite Campus

Here are step by step directions for how to export assignments you’ve graded in Google Classroom DIRECTLY into your Infinite Campus Gradebook. I also have a direction doc with screenshots.

Google Classroom

Setting Up Classes in Google Classroom

Accepting classes, changing titles, changing background images.

Changing Settings in Google Classroom

How to change settings in google classroom -- especially the Stream.

Google Meet + Google Classroom

Turning on the Google Meet feature WITHIN your Google Classrooms

Rethink GC Tasks + Digital Feedback

Google Classroom Assignments, Screencastify Feedback, and building rubrics in Google Classroom.

Tutorial: Google Classroom 101

Here is a quick demo of classroom from a student perspective.

Customizing Assignment Recipients WITHIN a Google Classroom

Watch a quick video on how to create assignments for a small group of students within one class.


Drive Folder Customization

New folders, changing titles, changing colors.

Google Drive / Classroom Organization

Presentation Link

Finding Classroom Files in Your Drive

Yearbook photo focused, but also demonstrates how to find a folder of work from a specific assignment, from a specific class in your Google Drive -- even if the class is archived.

G Suite

Google Calendar

Here is a quick tutorial in Google Calendar. I talk about creating events and appointments.

Google Level 1 Overview

Slides Presentation -- this includes embedded resources links.

Google Forms

Here are the basics for building a Google Form.

Google Level 1: How to Study

Slides Presentation -- this includes embedded resources links. Slide 6 is our focus in this video.

Google Sites: The Basics

Here is a quick walkthrough of how to create your first Google site and basic functionality.


Twitter Chat 101

Here is a quick demo explaining how to participate in a Twitter chat. Tool used: Tweek Deck

Creating A Signup Genius (Office Hours)

Step-by-step instructions for creating your first Signup Genius.

Recording: Screencastify PD

From April 8th. This is the Google Meet recording from our 11am PD session.

Uploading Files to Youtube

Followup tutorial from Screencastify PD.

Google Keep, Bitmoji, Email Signature Customization

Recording from April 10th Google Meet PD Session.

School CNXT Parent Log-In Information.webm

Inviting Parents in School CNXT

Welcome to our ROCKSTAR Guest Teacher Ms. Mathews as she walks us through inviting parents to School CNXT to her classes.

Adding a Printer to a Chromebook