Jefferson County Public Schools

Deeper Learning

Who do we want our learners to become?

What are the most crucial skills, abilities and dispositions for our students to develop?

How do we help learners develop these skills, abilities, and dispositions?

Engaging in Core Content Concepts, Skills, & Knowledge

JCPS Curriculum & Instructional Frameworks

How do we empower learners to demonstrate their learning and growth?

Why are these questions so essential?

The Institute for the Future collaborates with the University of Phoenix research institute to identify emerging themes and trends in the global economy, including but not limited to the increase of automation and emerging new medias. Here you'll find background to their research and a PDF brief of their findings.

The experts at KnowledgeWorks have synthesized countless workplace visits and interviews into a analysis of how empathy, perspective-taking, and other student dispositions will play an important role for our students in their future. You can find a summary infographic below.

In this PDF, you can download an overview of the research outlined above.