SBDM Parent Reps Needed

Goldsmith Elementary is currently accepting nominations for a parent representative to serve a two year term on the School Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) at our school. The SBDM Council has the responsibility of setting school policies, which shall provide an environment to enhance the students’ achievement and to help the school meet its educational goals. The SBDM also helps with a wide range of decisions including curriculum and faculty/staff hiring. SBDM representatives are required to attend monthly meetings and participate in a training session (six-hours for a new members/three-hours for an experienced member).


Any parent/guardian with a child attending Goldsmith during the 2023-24 school year is eligible to run for SBDM. Additionally, eligible parents cannot be an employee nor a relative of an employee of Goldsmith nor the JCPS administrative office(s). SBDM council members cannot be a JCPS board member, nor a board member’s spouse, nor have a business interest with the district nor Goldsmith. Parent council members will need to submit to a national and state fingerprinted criminal background check and also submit a letter from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services stating the member has no findings of substantiated child abuse or neglect through a background check of child abuse and neglect records.  


If you would like to nominate yourself or another candidate for Goldsmith Elementary School’s SBDM, please send the following information to the PTA Board ( Thank you! 


1. Name of Parent/Guardian being nominated.  

2. Name(s) of Goldsmith Student(s)

3. Brief bio that completes this statement: I believe this person is an ideal candidate, because (list qualifications)…  

4. Contact Information


Our School Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) meeting minutes and policies can be found here:

Goldsmith SBDM Folder

JCPS SBDM Information