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General Expectations During NTI

  1. IF YOU NEED HELP ASK! You can use this google form: https://forms.gle/4pL7PgVARhXx8Yxg7

  2. Follow directions quickly.

  3. Send only appropriate videos.

  4. Use only appropriate icon, emoji, and avatar submissions.

  5. Do not falsify information about yourself or impersonate others online.

Group Video Meetings Expectations

  1. Wear appropriate clothing if you are attending meetings via video.

  2. Start every group video meeting on mute.

  3. Stick to appropriate topic discussions.

  4. Use respectful behavior and language.

Student Work Expectations

  1. Be honest and do not plagiarize or copy others’ work -- in other words, use academic integrity.

  2. Complete work on time.

  3. Complete work to the best of your ability.

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Six Respect Expectations Matrix