Voices (Advanced Treble Choir)

This is an auditioned choir made up of sophomores through seniors who sing in the treble range, and generally are students who have formed the basic skills for musicianship and singing in the treble choir. In this class, they work to further their vocal technique and skills, and perform more advanced literature. This choir performs at the four choir concerts throughout the year as well as at an adjudicated festival in April and district area treble choir festivals.

Recordings and Practice Tracks:

  • Herbstlied:

Soprano I Herbstlied

Soprano 1 Herbstlied.mp3

Soprano II Herbstlied

Soprano II Herbstlied.mp3

Alto Herbstlied

Alto Herbstlied.mp3
  • Dance Into the Day:

Soprano I Dance Into the Day

Soprano I Dance.mp3

Soprano II Dance Into the Day

Soprano II Dance.mp3

Alto Dance Into the Day

Alto Dance.mp3

Remind Set-Up:

  • Text @c7246 to 81010