Witt Mindfulness

Who is our Mindfulness Group?

The Witt Mindfulness group consists of 4th and 5th grade students that were interested and attend meetings at lunch twice a month.

What are they working on?

Last year one of our 4th grade students (now a 5th grader) had an idea to celebrate kids meeting our RISE expectations more often. The idea was to have teachers give tickets to students they noticed having RISE behavior. The Mindfulness Group has taken on that project. They made the tickets, decided how to celebrate the students with weekly drawings and that students should be able to use the tickets they earn at a school store.

What do the students do with the tickets?

The tickets that students earn go into a weekly drawing. Each week we draw two tickets from each grade level. The students get a small prize from the Treasure Box in the office. The tickets are then returned to the students to use in the school store.

What are RISE expectations?

Witt Elementary has school wide RISE expectations that we use for common language across all areas of our building.

R is for RESPECT. We discuss what respect looks and sounds like in the classroom, the hallway, the cafeteria and on the playground, and anywhere else we are during school. The students have lots of discussions and provide examples of how they can meet these expectations.

I is for INTEGRITY. Integrity is a new word for many of our students so we discuss this one a lot. We talk about integrity being "owning your own behavior." We all make mistakes but owning our mistakes and learning from them is a sign of integrity.

S is for SAFETY. We talk about safe hands, safe bodies and safe words. Kids do really well understanding what safe body and safe hands are, although they sometimes forget that words hurt too. We discuss how using mean words hurts feelings and we don't ever want to hurt our friends.

E is for ENGAGE. We ask our students to engage with whatever activity they are doing at the time. It may be reading or math, listening to a teacher or another student, or even recess. When it is time to do these things we want to be present and allow ourselves to enjoy every minute.

What about the monthly RISE awards and t-shirts?

The Mindfulness Group had a long discussion and decided that the monthly RISE awards and t-shirts were really important to our students and they wanted to keep them. We will continue to have monthly RISE award assemblies handing out certificates and t-shirts starting on October 19. Each classroom in the building will be giving out 4 awards a month, one for R, one for I, one for S and one for E.

What is the School Store?

The Mindfulness Group will be running a school store every other week. The store will ONLY ACCEPT RISE TICKETS for payment. The store will be run by our 4th and 5th grade Mindfulness students.

The students get their tickets back after each weekly drawing so they can use what they earned at the store every other week.

What if there is a problem with the RISE tickets or the school store?

We are going to hope that this process happens with no issues, but we are realistic. This is being used as a learning opportunity for our Mindfulness students. If and when a problem arises it will go to the Mindfulness Group to problem solve and fix. The entire process has been created and run by students; the adult role in the Mindfulness Group is really just for facilitation.