At Witt STEM, we use Problem Based Learning (PBL) to integrate all of the disciplines and teach the Science and Social Studies standards. In Kindergarten, we know that foundational literacy and math skills need to be explicitly taught and we will be using our PBL/STEM time to practice and apply skills we are learning. It is also the time when our students will be working on their oral explanation and presentation skills learning effective ways to communicate individual as well as group thinking. We will focus all activities by incorporating the 4 C’s of STEM learning: Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical thinking. We will be adding a different tab for each of our PBLs with pictures, driving questions and resources so you know what is going on.

PBL #1

The Kindergarten PBL driving question is: How can we as scientist observe, create and share letters/numbers in our environment?

The Kindergartners have and continue to use their power of observation and engineering skills to find and build letters in our environment. We have photographed all the letters/numbers and are currently using the letters to build our names on Google Slides. We decided as a class to share our letter pictures by designing an ABC and or number photo books for schools that have lost their libraries in the hurricanes. We are hoping to have the books published through a national company such as Target, Walgreens, Shutterfly etc so if anyone has a connection we would love it or any gift card donations once we choose the place so we purchase at least 3 or 4. See example WITT below-- soon we will publish the kids slides.