Kindergarten Policies

The Student Code of Conduct has all the information on district wide policies but here are a few for our classrooms as well.​


—Snacks (full day only) will be kept in backpacks or cubbies until the approved time. Please make sure it is healthy snacks: no nuts, chips, candy or cookies!

—Water Bottles

Students are asked to bring a water bottle every day. Water bottles are sent home on Friday to be cleaned and they will be sent home if it becomes a distraction. No other drinks are allowed.


We celebrate birthdays with songs and good wishes. We do not do birthday treats.

Parent Volunteers

We love to have parent volunteers help with various activities in and out of the classroom. However, we like to wait until October to get a schedule set. This gives our class a chance to settle in, build community and get aquatinted with the daily routine of school. We will put a sign up genius link on our website when October rolls around.

Toys and Spinners

As per the student handbook, we do not allow toys, spinners or other items that can cause different types of distractions.


Please call the office for all absences 303-982-3380. If you are planning a vacation, please fill out the form from the office and we will give missed work upon the student's return.

Think Sheets

Think Sheets as a way for students to reflect on a minor behavior that we are trying to discontinue. Behaviors that are not appropriate during class activities are first dealt with through a variety of ways (reminders, clarifying wanted behavior, discussing expectations, refocusing and more). If the behavior does not change then a student may be given a Think Sheet.

If a student brings home a Think Sheet please...

-read it,

-discuss the appropriate or expected behavior with your student,

-sign the Think Sheet, and

-return it to school

This is a quick way to communicate with our parents/guardians.


—Email is the preferred method of contact, with the quickest return

Colleen.Hays@jeffco.k12.co.us ; 303-982-3351 or sign up to use REMIND . See directions on home page.

Kelly.Riscoe@jeffco.k12.co.us ; 303-982-3340 or sign up to use REMIND. See directions on home page.