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Next Meeting-Friday 1/29 at 10:30 Read to page 288

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Sponsors: Mrs. Swetlic and Mrs. Zoll and Mr. Martin

Wildcat Book Club

Reading Now: Gideon the Ninth

Checkout books through the public library or books are available in the main office.

Read to page 360! It is up to chapter 32.

Our next read is On a Sunbeam. Learn more here.

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Requirements: none A community of readers that provide an entertaining and safe place to read and talk about books chosen by our student members. We average 1 book every 4 weeks or so and you are provided a copy of the book we are reading.

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Previous Book: Salt to the Sea

We are reading to page 50 for our next meeting.

Why should we read books set in other countries? What do we gain from another country’s literary canon? Even if books don’t have literary merit, what can we take away from fun fictional titles set abroad? What does international historical fiction teach us?

Do you prefer nonfiction or historical fiction?

Would both adults and teens enjoy Salt to the Sea? How would this book read differently as an adult fiction title? Do you like reading YA, and what are the genre’s merits? What are teen fiction’s downfalls?

Do you enjoy reading books with alternating narratives? This writing style is currently trending. What do readers gain through multiple perspectives? If you could choose only one character to tell their story in Salt to the Sea, who would you want to hear from the most and why? What other books can you think of with multiple narrators?

Learn more about the author-Ruta Sepetys