The Gifted and Talented Center @ Westridge Elementary

GT Center at Westridge is a "school within a school" program consisting of self-contained, advanced learning classrooms. Students are grouped with like ability peers and engaged in a rigorous academic environment, infused with social/emotional learning, enrichment, and individualized opportunities. Click here for an overview of what to expect from GT Center. Use the links below for more information and support:

Click the link for details on important information, news, and upcoming events including:

  • Jeffco GT Center Info Night

  • Westridge Information Day & Tours for Newly Accepted Applicants (and GT Center Transfer students):

  • CLICK HERE TO RSVP - Students are welcome to join us!

    • January 11th - Two Choices Below:

    • Morning Session:

      • 9:00-9:30: Information Presentation in the Westridge Library

      • 9:30-10:15: Tour of the School and Time to ask Questions

      • 10:15-10:30: Classroom Visits

    • Afternoon Session:

      • 1:00-1:30: Information Presentation in the Westridge Library

      • 1:30-2:15: Tour of the School and Time to ask Questions

      • 2:15-2:30: Classroom Visits

    • Reach out to Matt Wilkinson to get information or to ask questions

    • NOTE: The Info & Tour day is for accepted applicants only. If you have not applied, reach out to Matt Wilkinson

Click the link for more on parent support, GT staff contacts, and resources from a variety of sources:

Click the link to learn more about academic, social/emotional, and enriching programming that makes GT Center @ Westridge a fabulous program for advanced learners:

What is GT Center @ Westridge all about?

A new video is COMING SOON!

If you need help learning more or you are wondering how to apply please reach out to Matt Wilkinson - GT Resource Teacher