Ms. Cummings

A little about myself:

I was born and raised in Colorado and actually spent my entire elementary career right here at Westridge Elementary. I moved up to Bailey, CO after my freshman year of high school and fell in love with the mountains. I graduated from Platte Canyon High School and having a deep love of math and science, enrolled in the Colorado School of Mines. I attended school there for a couple years before I realized that I wasn't doing what I loved and didn't see myself making the difference I had always wanted to make. So, I decided to pursue my dream of teaching. A few years later, I was lucky enough to student teacher with a dear friend of mine at Westridge and I've never looked back. This will be my fifth year of teaching!

Family is a very important piece of my life. I have been lucky enough to meet a wonderful man who has two amazing children. The three of them quickly stole my heart and I couldn't be happier to call them my family. Between football and cheerleading in the fall, our lives can become quite busy! We are a car family by nature and love spending summer nights at the track! I grew up with old muscle cars my entire life and have been drag racing at Bandimere since I was 16! It's one of my biggest passions and have learned a lot throughout the years.

We have two dogs, a golden named Hemi and a westie named Sugar. Hemi is the sweetest cuddle bug around! She loves going on adventures from hikes with me in the mountains to swimming in rivers. If I could take her everywhere, I would. Sugar is much more of a laid back puppy and she just recently turned 12! She is slowing down quite a bit; however, when she gets a random burst of energy you better watch out! She still has a lot of spunk in her little body.